The ‘truth’ in RotaryTruth is that Chuck Quinton is lying and he knows it. He’s a bully whose method of instruction, is nothing more than someone else’s method… Chuck will do and say anything to stop his subscribers from finding out the truth including slandering and threatening me with supposed multi-million dollar copyright litigation, that he wasn’t even prepared to file and that his lawyer backed off once confronted…  - Eric Kaplan, Top PGA Tour Coach

PART 1/4: 

Chuck Quinton’s vicious and meritless threats against top PGA Tour Coach Eric Kaplan… 

  • Chuck sent vicious emails to Eric Kaplan, warning him to take down his online golf instruction website because he knew where Eric lived… 
  • Chuck’s email to 300,000 people claiming that Eric was a fraud and had lied about his father having Parkinson’s disease… 
  • Chuck asked thousands of people to comment disparaging remarks all over Kaplan’s social media channels… and then he said he’d rent out Pebble Beach for everyone with the proceeds of taking every penny Eric and his young family had.
  • ​Chuck contacted the GM of the golf club where Eric teaches to tell him to not allow Eric to teach because of all the bad PR he was going to generate.

A note to Chuck Quinton, from Bernhard Langer…  
(Chuck, this is about as close to working with a Major Champion as you are ever going to get.)

“… My name is Bernhard Langer, PGA Tour Player for over 40 years. I just wanted to give a statement that I began working with Eric Kaplan in 2014, working on the following items in my putting stroke and applying many of the same fundamentals also into my full-swing including: proper posture by hinging from the hips, weight over the ankles, straight back, keeping the shoulder blades engaged, or what we say ‘in the box’, not letting them slouch, creating a bit of axis tilt or secondary tilt, also beginning the swing with the pulling of the right shoulder blade - I hope this clears a few things up…” 

If you believe that Chuck Quinton’s behavior does not  belong in a gentleman’s game, join the thousands of golfers who have already shared this page.

PART 2/4:

Chuck’s ridiculous claims that Eric Kaplan had watched Chuck’s videos in 2018  and stolen his ‘copyrighted’ instructional ideas…

  • Eric Kaplan has researched with top doctors at The Mayo Clinic, helping golfers with Parkinson’s disease since 2000.
  • Eric Kaplan has been working with 5 different Major  Champions since 2014, teaching them the  fundamentals YEARS before Chuck claimed Eric  had subscribed to his site. 
  • As anyone with any knowledge of golf instruction is  aware, the fundamentals Chuck claimed Eric had  ‘stolen’ have been openly discussed since at 1932 - pushing vs. pulling, etc. 

PART 3/4:

Chuck’s methods and concepts are actually someone else’s...

  • Chuck signed a contract in 2008 with one of the people Eric learned from, Alison Thietje, giving Chuck permission to use her research, in exchange for a 10% royalty… that Chuck never paid. 
  • Chuck hired someone to transcribe Alison Thietje’s lectures so Chuck could copy them to write his ‘Rotary Swing Tour Golf Instructor certification Manual’. 

This is just Chuck’s way of doing business: take from others, call it your own, aggressively threaten those who reveal the truth, and then try to attach yourself to others' experience with PGA Tour Pros, because you have none of your own…

PART 4/4:

Chuck wrote a book in 2007 called ‘The Rotary Swing’ where he teaches the opposite fundamentals he claims Eric stole.

  • Chuck Quinton in his first book from 2007 teaches  the opposite fundamentals he claims he developed, including: centering your weight over the balls of your feet vs. the ankles, and advocated a pushing vs a pulling action. 
  • There is an entire GOLFWRX forum from 2007, in which Chuck was described to be a “sleazy opportunist who snatched up the ‘' URL after seeing Jim Hardy on The Golf Channel… and then building a ‘one-plane’ site around it”… 

Of course Chuck thinks I took ‘his ideas’, it is because he got them from one of the people I learned from! I just happened to dive deeper into the concepts that Alison spoon-fed him. Chuck and I are in completely different leagues, I work with Major Champions, and he’s a guy who sells other people’s concepts for profit, with no resume or proven qualifications.

Plus, Chuck isn’t even that great of a golfer…

(Perhaps he should go back to what he was  doing before starting his online golf instruction website)

Here’s a bible verse that sums Chuck up:

Thank You For Your Help In Spreading The Truth About Chuck Quinton And Rotary Swing

If you believe that Chuck Quinton’s behavior does not belong in a gentleman’s game, join the thousands of golfers who have already shared this page.

Watch this video to learn about Chuck’s Lies and the Truth about Rotary Swing:
Spoiler Alert: Chuck starts crying at 4:30