Chuck’s first book from 2007 taught the opposite fundamentals he claimed he developed… this material change shows just how much of Allison's content he is selling as his own.

I was able to get my hands on his book (which he took off the market right after meeting Allison.)

Alison recalls that in her first lesson with Chuck he had a very wide stance, weight  centered over the balls of his feet, and began his takeaway with a push vs. a pull.

DID YOU KNOW? There is an entire GOLFWRX forum from 2007, in which Chuck was described to be a “sleazy opportunist who snatched up the ‘' URL after seeing Jim Hardy on The Golf Channel… and then built a ‘oneplane’ site around it”… 

Plus, Chuck isn’t even that great of a golfer…

(Perhaps he should go back to what he was doing before starting his online golf instruction website)

Here’s a bible verse that sums Chuck up: