Chuck Claims Eric Kaplan Stole These Concepts In 2018...
Here's Proof Eric Has Been Teaching These Fundamentals Since 2000.

1. PROOF: Eric Kaplan has been teaching these fundamentals to 5 different Major Champions including Bernhard Langer, since 2014… YEARS before Chuck claims I had subscribed to his website and stolen his ideas… Even H.G. Wells would be jealous of this time machine. 

A note to Chuck Quinton, from Bernhard Langer…
(This is about as close to working with a Major Champion that Chuck is ever going to get!)

“… My name is Bernhard Langer, PGA Tour Player for over 40 years. I just wanted to give a statement that I began working with Eric Kaplan in 2014, working on the following items in my putting stroke and applying many of the same fundamentals also into my full-swing including: proper posture by hinging from the hips, weight over the ankles, straight back, keeping the shoulder blades engaged, or what we say ‘in the box’, not letting them slouch, creating a bit of axis tilt or secondary tilt, also beginning the swing with the pulling of the right shoulder blade - I hope this clears a few things up…”

I thought this was absurd…

This is just Chuck’s way of doing business: take from others, call it your own, aggressively threaten those who reveal the truth, and then try to attach yourself to other’s experience with PGA Tour Pros, because you have none of your own… 

2. PROOF: Eric Kaplan’s research with top doctors at The Mayo Clinic, applying these fundamentals to golfer’s with Parkinson’s disease since 2000… Chuck even claimed I lied about my father having Parkinson’s disease to gain sympathy from people.

Eric Kaplan’s work with top doctors at Mayo, and Parkinson’s patients dates back to 2000.

"My name is Leonard Redlich… I met Eric in Turnberry Country Club… I’ve played golf swing I was a teenager… I developed Parkinson’s disease in 1990… I had severe tremors and I fell down… One day when I was hitting golf balls, Eric came up to me and asked me if I had Parkinson’s disease… I would guess that Eric was 14 or 15 [in the year 2000], give or take a year or two…He told me that his father had Parkinson’s… And he thought he could help his father and help me with his theories of the golf swing… And so our relationship began… We had no formal meetings, we had scheduled days, it was catch-as-catch-can… I would catch him at the end of the day while I was hitting golf balls, we’d play a couple of holes… And Eric was intent on trying to help me overcome the problems I had… His theories, I remember mostly the major part was posture, I start with my shoulder’s pinched together, and I would swing with my shoulders in a way that I would start the swing with my right shoulder… Getting rid of the unnecessary motion would help me keep my balance… And we maintained a relationship through the years, I saw him mature into a fine young man, he was always determined, all the time I knew him, to be a factor in helping me with my Parkinson’s…"

1. Utilizing ‘shoulder engagement’ to prevent
tremors, as the action of depressing and retractingthe shoulder blades inhibit a resting tremor.
*A characteristic feature of Parkinson's disease resting tremor is its decrease during voluntary movements (Deuschl et al., 2000).

2. Hinging with weight centered under ankles:When Leonard would get his weight over the balls of his feet, he would have the tendency of falling forward, by hinging his weight over his ankles he would be able to swing without falling.

3. Pulling from the right shoulder blade.
If Leonardbegan his swing with a push from his left shoulder, he would fall off balance. The more centralized turn he could create was beginning the swing with a pulling of his right shoulder, specifically the shoulder blade. 

Here is an old video of Leonard Redlich
Note: He has been unable to walk, let alone play golf since 2015. 

The ‘truth’ in RotaryTruth is that Chuck Quinton is lying and he knows it. He’s a bully whose method of instruction, is nothing more than someone else’s method… Chuck will do and say anything to stop his subscribers from finding out the truth including slandering and threatening me with supposed multi-million dollar copyright litigation, that he wasn’t even prepared to file and that his lawyer backed off once confronted…  -Eric Kaplan, Top PGA Tour Coach

3. PROOF: Anyone with any knowledge of golf instruction knows that the fundamentals that Chuck accused me of stealing have been openly discussed since 1932 (secondary tilt, pushing vs.pulling, and centripetal force)…

A. Secondary tilt; right hand off club, right shoulder back, bump hip to target. 

B. Centripetal force; and the need to start a swing via a pulling action from a movement that has an origin closest to the center of your body [the spine.] 

C. The swing is made only by one small group of muscles on the right side of the body & it is that initial move that creates the shifting of the hips to the right. 

Now this is absolutely ridiculous...

Plus, Chuck isn’t even that great of a golfer…

(Perhaps he should go back to what he was doing before starting his online golf instruction website)

Here’s a bible verse that sums Chuck up:

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